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Ask A Question Horizon Radio. If you have a question about Horizon Radio London please ask here. Sorry we are unable to supply any diagrams of the transmitters Horizon Radio used.

From neil@>>>>>>>>>>>>>.com

I’d be interested to know what was the average transmitter power Horizon used? Were there times when more or less power was used? And what was the estimated ERP (was a single dipole used or were phased doubles used)? I lived in Hertford, 30ish miles north of Crystal Palace and normally had good reception without using external aerials.
Many Thanks


Hi Neil

Good to hear from you
The highest power Horizon Radio ever used was 450 watts into a slimjim

We took this down one day to test a new antenna Chris designed. The new aerial was originally from a 2m design but scaled up for frequency IE 102.5fm, this sort of resembled a triple dipole at first but built out of 13mm copper water pipe using standard copper solder joints. Pyers over in Walthamstow did a test on it before it was changed and after the new test rig 100 watt went in. The system was 7 times more powerful on 100 watts than the 450watts thanks to the new aerial. That was it that aerial then stayed in to the end and had a 160 watt transmitter attached to it. Easy cheap and quick to build and worked better that any dipoles. Others who could, then copied our design.

We will feature this  design in the Antenna section on this website so you can see it.

The best aerial ever used in the 80’s that is why we got out so well, later getting to hear of regular listeners in Luton and 20 miles west of Reading, Southend and Brighton.

Tower block aerials were always alloy slimjims, we should have use copper as we found out later.  Because you could leave them up and no one except Eric would know they were there. Horizon Radio had one install at Peckham Rye that came on late at night and it lasted nearly a year, we did not have to visit, as it came on auto from the studio as we changed transmitters in the early days.

A secret place near you helped out with the final rig design, can’t say any-more but sort of Gov and it was the full wattage going to the aerial as we worked overtime on keeping Horizon rigs clean. Even the Gas board at CP helped.

I hope that helps, ERP sorry no Idea. in those days it was all about the listeners as far away from CP that we could get the signal to.

Thanks for the email

From: Paul <>
Subject: Gary Lee

Message Body:
You may already be aware but if not just to let you know Gary Lee passed away in December 2016.


Hi Paul

Very sad news, we did not know, a little shocked tonight to hear that. Gary was the first DJ to join Horizon Radio, a real nice guy who knew and loved his music. We always remembered him when Horizon Radio came up in the conversation.

Update: Gary passed away on the 21st of December 2016, this year we will remember him.

Paul we have sent you a private message.

Thank you for letting us know.

Absolutely shocked tonight.

Keep well

Why Did Horizon close down you where the top radio station of that time, so would it not have been better for the stations chances of getting legal if you had of stayed broadcasting.


Hi Martin thanks for your question. That is a question we have been asked many times and we have even asked ourselves it too. We closed to apply for a radio license is the answer. Was it the right thing to do? We will continue this with a page on the options open to us in a few weeks time but if the internet had have been around at this time, London would have got a soul radio station and probable Horizon with the listener-ship we had at that time. so please check back for the update on this.



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Hi Your email was responded to, sometimes emails end up in the junk or spam bin due to filters being set to high, so please if you email us always check there.


Sent: Tue, 21 Nov 2017 17:40:27 +0000

Subject: Horizon Radio “Signal Strength”
From: Steve <>
Subject: Signal Strength

Do you know the furthest place the signal reached in UK ? We were in the burbs Farmborough, Hants and could pick you guys up 🙂

Hi Steve thanks for the question.

We know it went north past Milton Keynes, we had regular listeners there. East you could hear it in Southend and also south in Brighton. Out west it was heard in Reading+.

On nights when the conditions skipped the frequency. Mike Richards of Big L Limerick Ireland heard it, that is how we got to know him. We also had DX reports from Norway, Holland, France and Germany.

We hope that answers you question.

Thanks for the email.


Welcome Back, It was lovely to see those Horizon Radio t/shirts again I bought my then little brother one all those years ago and he never took it off. Do you have any new ones, as they would make a great Christmas present? Well done on the website looks fantastic and at last we will get the story. Paula———

Hi Paula we have replied by email, sorry the Hat and there is only one which is 32 years old along with the T/shirts again just 3 and 32 years old are we think the only ones left. They where framed by Hitman records all those years ago as a memento, so have lasted the test of time. Sorry we have no plans to create any more, thanks for your email. Have a great Xmas.

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Wow big surprise to find the website last night are you guys coming back on air and do you have any shows from the good old days. Simon———

Simon thanks for the email. No we are not coming back on air, the website is here because we had so many requests for information on how the station was formed and by who and what happened to the people after it closed. So we decided to tell the story that people like Paul Randell keeps asking for.


Mark Brickett has many hours of shows, he has been digitizing, so we may at the end of the website build start adding those. We also have about 70, 10inch reels of Revox quarter inch tape, which needs listening to. In the studio photo on the website you see this machine, it’s the one Paul Hardcastle recorded so many of his and Directdrives songs on, including 19 we think. We still have the machine. Thanks once again for your email.

What happened to Chris Stewart Where is he now?  (adam——

Thanks for the question Adam. He runs another type of business these days and is busy. But as he says to us when we ask “Half way between the gutter and the stars” We hope that helps.

Steve ———–

Steve M we have passed your email on to Chris and as it’s a bit private, not featuring it here. The website is here just to remember those days and the people in the Horizon Radio Soul Family. There are no plans to bring Horizon Radio back even on the Internet. Lets remember the history and what the station did, after all memories are golden.

Thank you for your offer of equipment and the email, stay in touch.

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Hi Guys I wonder if you saw this (link removed) and what do you think?  martin———

Hi Martin, thanks for the question and the link. We have never seen that before and will look into it. But many stories in forums on line are just gossip by those who have nothing better to talk about.

This looks a little different, so it may have some truth in it. We hope not as this could be the smoking gun that stopped Horizon or JFM from getting a license. Some people will do anything to big themselves up and if they did, this story needs telling. Very shocked if they did this. Thanks again for your email.

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