Horizon Radio
Promotional Merchandise

Horizon Radio Promotional Merchandise 1981-1985

The Horizon Radio Promotional Merchandise sold like hot cakes, Hats in white, Sweat Shirts in grey & white and T/Shirts also in grey and white along with car stickers which we gave away. The Horizon Radio Cardata car sticker gave our listeners the chance to win £25 during the day if your vehicle was spotted out and about.


  • Hats
  • T/Shirts
  • Sweat Shirts

They sold like hotcakes, you could also pick them up at Hitman Records 2 Lexington Street London W1 when shopping for your import records.

Horizon Radio London merchandise T/Shirts & hats in 1985

Car Stickers

Horizon Radio Logo Car Window sticker
Horizon Radio Cardata Win £25 Car Sticker
Horizon Radio Cardata Win £25 every hour Car Sticker
Horizon Radio Cardata Win £25 Car Sticker Details
Win £25 every hour Car Sticker Rear With details.

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