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Pirate Radio Special 2017. This is the event that came very close to causing a divorce in 2017 when YET more lies were told this time on Solar Radio’s Pirate Special hosted by Tony Monson. The program broadcast on the 23rd of October 2017 featured a DJ, possible the biggest bull$hitter of all, DJ’s, CJ CARLOS real name “Carlos Manuel DUARTE” or The Woke DJ you choose.

We had hoped to have seen the last of this mummy’s boy when on the 11th of October 1984 he single handily screwed all the DJ’s on Horizon Radio and the listeners by not following a procedure and gave a £20.000 + radio studio 1984 prices) into the hands of The Radio Enforcement crew.

Did he do a deal for his £75 bag of records with Eric Gotes? That day he almost admitted it as he said “I am working tonight and need my records”. It’s all about money with some and always has been. That’s why you pay over the top to go cruising and to crap hotels in the sunshine.

Now come on put your hands up if you were a CJ Carlos winner on one of his Horizon Radio shows. No you were not as later he also admitted on telephone he made the winner up every week.

Soul Music suffered really badly that day in October 1984 and has never really recovered to this day as no soul radio DJ on all stations today including the woke one gets paid. Another 6 months and it would be very different today.

We thought we had seen that last of that Fing ? but alas no 33 years later up he pops on the Solar Radio’s Pirate Special hosted by Tony Monson. His first words were I am not here to big myself up. Lie number 1 as that is all he did over the next 3 hours. In the end Solar Radios had to make an apology for the bull$hit DJ Woke spouted that day or face court. Tony as you can see made the apology. The guy has never stood on his own 2 feet using others like Steve Walsh, footballers and even that young 16 year old darts player in his January Facebook thread.

The guy is desperate for attention and tries to get it at any cost. Look at his friends list and you will meet the lonely old farts (Sorry Girls) who are on their 3rd possible 4th divorce and have no real friends so disappear to weekenders to partake in another GRAB A GRANNY NIGHT.

Just telling the truth and as for the radio station, you can tell when they are playing clips off YouTube, Spotify and others, well we can as there are certain programmes out there that show what the scammers are upto. We think that covers it but below will that is forsure. The lust for fame and fortune with some people is what life is all about, look closely and if you are not as thick as those who try it on you will see it’s the same old $hit on a different day every day.

The Man Has A Constant Need For Attention, Which Is Both Exhausting And Boring, But Is Supplied By Other Narcists & Those Who Are Plain Idiots.

In Roads Pirate Radio Special!

Chris Stewart’s wife comes from a family who are steeped in culture and tradition. This means she follows that culture and traditions her father taught her. It was stated on the Solar Radio’s Pirate Radio Special Broadcast of the 23rd of October 2017 by DJ Careless (Carlos Manuel Duarte), that he had met Chris Stewart in 1982 through Mr Stewart’s then wife (he used the term wife 3 times). Chris Stewart married for the first time in March 2010. So what that DJ stated on that broadcast was just lies (farm yard manure). That DJ also went onto state Chris Stewart owed him money and had come into his club where he worked, sat in a seat all night with his arms folded looking like “Jack Palance” and auditioned him for a job on Horizon Radio. All of which was lies and were said to big himself up, like he always does.

Chris Stewart did not hear this broadcast on Solar Radio Live, Chris did not even know Solar Radio broadcast anymore as he had left the radio scene in 1986/7. Mr Paul Randal a Horizon Radio listener from back in the day, sent Chris a link to the show that was up on the Pirate Radio Archive and others. The show was downloaded and Chris and his wife sat down that night to listen to it. Chris’s wife did not know about Horizon Radio or Chris was the owner of the station or even a DJ on radio. 32 years had passed and it had been all been forgotten about. When Chris Stewart’s wife heard what was said, her eyes swelled up and tears rolled down her face, she left the room and went to another bedroom. Now Elma Reis how would you like to hear your “Portuguese Man Of War” as you put it was not telling you the truth?

Moves Out Of The Family HomeHorizon Radio London logo in green

The next day Chris’s wife called her father and told him that Chris had lied to her and the family, as he was married in the 80’s. Her father said “she must leave the home she shared with Chris immediately”, as living there would bring bad luck to the family. She spoke to her best friend here in the UK, who just happen to be a solicitor and moved in with her the next day. The solicitor spent the next 3 months checking the records and confirmed Chris was not married in the 80’s. Once it had been confirmed, Chris’s wife called her father gave him the news and sent the paperwork out for him to check. That paperwork had to be translated. It took 3 months to sort out and get to the truth and cost a substantial amount of money. She in the end returned to the family home 3 months and 9 days after leaving.

Tony Monson Solar Radio

Tony Monson was contacted by email (as he was the presenter of the broadcast) on Solar Radio. Tony checked the recording and heard what that DJ  had said. Tony Monson broadcast a full apology 7 days later on Solar Radio (as you will hear below). Tony Monson then issued a new edited recordings of the show, minus the lies told by that DJ, to various outlets like the pirate archive. As you will see in Tony Monson’s email below and the actual broadcast. He also sent an edited copy to DJ Careless for his mix-cloud.

Solar Radio Apology


Tony Monson Emails

Pirate Radio Special email apologies from Tony Monson and Solar radioTony Monson confirming edits to pirate radio special broadcast 23/10/2017

DJ Careless 11 DJ's Revolt Horizon Radio The Muck Spreader

We have given him the name DJ Careless, for many reasons. He was contacted and asked to make an apology and Chris received nothing but further abuse and he even denied saying what he said. Tony Monson apologised on air and by email as you have seen, so DJ Careless (CJ Carlos) said what he said and he knows it. All that was required was a simple apology from CJ Carlos, real name (Carlos Manuel Duarte). But no he goes into one how wonderful he is and Horizon Radio was only a small station until he arrived and much more. Facebook on the 31/08/2020 he calls Chris a W-nker, which shows his real true nature off the Mic. There was also a few threats about how he has friends and he has funds. He also said in one Email he did not think Chris was married as no one would have him.

CJ Carlos  (Real Name Carlos Manuel Duarte) Says

Now this is the guy who uses the Horizon Radio name and many others to get likes and followers on facebook from the misguided.  He was also one of the distributors of the 11 DJ’s revolt story (a pack of lies), later he said “Then the majority of djs including myself left to form Solar Radio”. More of his lies as no DJ left, they were told after the RID raid on the 11th of October, Horizon Radio would stay closed, so either they were fired or made redundant, you choose. That decision was made mainly due to DJ carlos’s incompetence in the Horizon Radio studio on the 11th of October 1984.

 Pirate Radio Special carlos email

Pirate Radio Special CJ Carlos Email

CJ Spam Email

My God he was only asked to make an apology like Tony Monson had done, but no he goes on a ego trip. Checking the IP address on these emails from the Legend DJ himself (CJ Carlos) and you would think Miami, but no, try the other coast line Naples<<<<< Florida “Bonita Springs, Florida” Live from Miami sounds better perhaps. Then of course the block on FB happened and then spam Caution Hackers to your account email arrived. But be careful DJ Careless is the only person in the world to get his lawyers out on a bank holiday Sunday and get facebook to ban a person from having a facebook account. Just Encase you think that might be Chris, your wrong, it was a female by the looks of what was written, but proves Chris can still see what he has on those facebook pages. The most tedious read ever, same old boring rubbish day after day, it sort of reminds you of what football hooligans and bull——s are like.

In English it should be “Knickers in a twist” but “If wasn’t  for me you would not have a radio station”, Divorce because of lies a trivial thing? lets leave his crap there shall we. In another email he says “he did not make those comments”, thinking that radio clip had been replace by Mr Monson with an edited version and no one would ever know the offending items had been removed.

You can still hear the original non edited version if you know where to look and Mr Monson confirms he edited the original. If DJ Carlos lies about this, what else does he tell big porkies about?  Is DJ Careless the guy who taught Lance Armstrong the art of story telling one wonders?


We told you so???, The truth always prevails in the end. So, it never was a penthouse apartment in vibrant expensive Miam on the east coast of the USA, but all along an over 50’s retirement pad in a gated golf cart community 125 miles due west near Naples on the west coastline, 48.5 miles south of Fort Myers.

Those rose-coloured glasses one uses are made of something very special?

So now we all know those 10 years+ of living in a Miami Penthouse Flat is just a load of $hit. Naples Florida is not Miami, it’s not even on the same coast line.

Me and my wife? Perhaps it should have been My Wife and I, if some were not just so Narcissistic?

CJ Carlos facebook coment September 2022
CJ Carlos (Carlos Manuel Duarte) Joins Horizon Radio

In late 1982 CJ Carlos put a demo tapes into Horizon Radio, like all DJ’s did at the time. He was working at Hombre in Wells Street and sometimes the Horizon Radio Crew visited for a cheap night out, 25p a drink. We think it was Barry T who spoke to DJ Careless first. Barry went up to him after a disastrous mix of records and ask him if he wanted lessons in mixing as you needed a first aid kit & 2 first-aiders on the dance floor when DJ Careless went into a mix. Thankfully today we have computers, Serato and Virtual DJ + others that even 5 year olds can mix with while learning their ABC’s.  Barry told him about Horizon and pointed out Chris Stewart the owner. DJ Carlos asked to meet Chris and Chris told DJ Careless he had to do a demo tape like all others did, even though he was Steve Walsh’s warm up DJ.

Two Demo Tapes Later Horizon Radio gave him a show in the winter of 1982, not once did he help out on tower blocks or the transmitter set up. He just turned up and played a few records talked all over them to the Anounance of the listerners and then left.

CJ Carlos (Carlos Manuel Duarte) was the one in control of Horizons studio that day on the 11th of October 1984, even with CCTV he could not get procedures right. He was also one of the people who spread the rumors that 11 Horizon DJ’s had revolted after the Horizon Team were told Horizon would not broadcast again. (More Story Telling). Read Tony Monsons email on another page of this website, and the facts and you will find his comments were just a pack of his self promotion, which it seems this DJ Careless is good at.

When he joined Horizon Radio, he told everyone he was Greek. It turns out he was born in Lisbon Portugal in June 1961, his real name is Carlos Manuel Duarte, so why not just say I am Portuguese and use the real name on facebook?

What else did he lie about, have a listen to this from that Solar Pirate Radio Special


The truth in the above story was CJ Carlos was simple talking too much over the records and the listeners where getting fed up with it. Ann in the flat took all telephone calls and passed the requests and name checks to the hidden studio in the roof via a mains intercom service as the transceivers Horizon Radio used to communicate off air on could not be used in the studio as they interfered with the broadcast desk. Ann, (two floors below the studio) also had a transceiver to communicate with the team at the tower block, that night, it was the Stockwell towerblock Horizon was using. Ann had received so many complaints from listeners about the DJ talking all over the records as “he loves his own voice more than the artists he was playing said Kaya“, a regular listen who had phoned 4 times that night in under 60 minutes. Ann told DJ Carlos a couple of times about it but he ignored her.

Ann then radioed to Chris who was on block duty as all members of the then team except (“DJ Carlos)” did “Tower Block” duty and Chris told Ann to tell the CJ Carlos, that Eric (RID) was about and keep his voice overs to a minimum or they might track him if he talks to much. Some people say anything to try and impress others. Eric the (RID) was not out that night.

One Simple Apology

One simple apology for trying to make himself look good on that Solar Radio Pirate Special broadcast the 23rd of October 2017 and this website would not exist. Pain caused by pathological liars would have been forgotten and people could get on with what they were doing and that was not radio. But with this person, it’s about face value and facebook likes and those stupid idiots who just need a name check every 2 miniutes, while he tops up his pension pot. (Note to oneself next time we fancy a boat trip on the Thames, Solar Radio and DSG are only £20). Note to oneself make sure insurance is in place to get money back when European holidays go t-ts up?

Should any broadcaster in the future wish to include CJ Carlos in a program, we recommend it be taped first and contents checked before transmission.

Some people are never happy unless they are slagging others off. Before you listen to this next clip of a telephone conversation with CJ Carlos or CMD, Mike Gee is not a thief and no records where ever left in the Horizon Radio studio for fear of a raid by the RID. All DJ’s brought their own records and took them away with them, so CJ Carlos’s comments in this clip are just another pack of his porkies, or in real truth pure CJ Bull$hit.


I can’t do a lot“, He should not underestimate himself, He is number 1 in Bull$hit if you know what we mean.

This clip contains colourful language


This clip below of a conversation, has been muted for now, but that is not to say it will not have the audio released sometime in the near future. Hint it is with a DJ who did lots of competitions on Horizon Radio and no real winners? and the type of people who listened to the station.


DJ Carlos Facebook Comment August 2021

By then DJ Carlos had blocked Chris (like he does with many others as he cannot just talk things out with?) from viewing his facebook, or thought he had. Someone had put a photo of John Osborne sat in the 1985 Horizon Radio studio on facebook. Up pops Mr Paul Buick from Thailand who starts making comments and implies he knew that studio and starts to imply he was the engineer of Horizon Radio. Someone saw those comments and telephoned Chris who via the Horizon facebook account jumped in on Buick and corrected what Buick had said. As soon as Buick realised it was Chris Stewart, he deleted 2 of his comments. In jumps the Legend DJ (in his own head) all the way from Miami, Bonita Springs, Naples Florida and said what you can read below.

Man with bad memory

Fake Facebook? it belong to Horizon Radio, but the man who said that comment DJ Carlos, (Real Name) Carlos Manuel Duarte who does use a fake facebook and does not like his real name out in the open. Buick has implied many times he was the Horizon Engineer, but in truth he was never allowed near the engineering side of Horizon Radio due to his association with Roger Howe. Buick joined the station as a DJ in late April early May of 1984 and by July was going to be got rid of at the earliest possible time as twice he brought Howe to Horizon Events. First time when the new antenna went up and he was warned and secondly at the Soul On A Summers Day event in July 1984.

Mr Buick states in that post “I think he must have a screw loose” (ref Chris Stewart) and “That was a great day 1983”. Someone must have a screw loose as Buick was not with Horizon Radio in 1983. That photo (now edited some trash has been removed) was taken at the Soul On A Summers Day event on the 14th of July 1984 in St Georges Park under the big top circus tent Wandsworth London Ingram and Change appearing. Perhaps Buicks ego is still upset as he did not get to DJ that day.

CJC Chocolate Jam Company Album “Do I Make You Feel Better”

This was the LP by Nudge and the Chocolate Jam Company that was purchased from Groove Records Greek Street in 1981. The LP was dropped and one side was scratched when bouncing off the stereo system. The LP came in handy when the studio in the roof was created in the early summer of 1982. When the Horizon Radio team went out to set up the transmitter on tower blocks, mainly late at night, music was needed to set the levels at the transmitter site. So the good side of this LP was put on the turntable (Akai) which was on auto. This meant that as in came to the end of playing the LP for the first time, it just started playing again from the beginning, giving audio until a team member went back and stopped it.

This LP was sat on the shelf in the studio in the roof for the whole life of that studio and in full view of all presenters.


Nudge & The Chocolate Jam Co, probably the most played LP on Horizon Radio in 1983 Ft on the Pirate Radio Special

Be careful who you choose for friends

Some people are never happy unless they are telling porkies about others to try and make themselves look good. Perhaps someone never got over having to pay his own fine for being so incompetent on the 11th of October 1984. Or was it that £75 bag of records he said he lost? Mind you it could also have been that night at Oasis in Dalston when in 3 records he was blown of stage by another DJ????

Soul Family, Nobody Does It Better, Often Imitated But Never Equaled are Horizon Radio catchphrases created in 1981/2, it would be nice if others had the intelligence and Imagination to come up with their own original catchphrases instead of plagiarism and bull$hit we see and hear on CJC and as for the mixies you have to thank Serato and the computer for thoes, even Jim McCann on a drunken day could match the standard.

But you have to look on the Brightside these days, there is a kiddie’s disco show every Tuesday 7pm-9pm and Friday 3pm until 7pm that entertains the less fortunate Karen’s, Jim’s, Sharon’s, Pauls & Tracy’s of this world. Now that has to be good for other professional online radio stations?

When you lock a Facebook page, like ONE does, so no one can comment on the page until you have vetted them, says an awful lot about that person. Scared bloody stiff someone will tell the truth maybe. What’s even worse is the idiots who give up their right of free speech just to get a mention on his kiddy’s disco shows

It’s Never To Late To Make An Apology, Sadly Some People Have Fragile Ego’s & Suffer From A Narcissistic Personality Disorder and cannot tell the truth.

Just Saying?

Pirate Radio Special Solar Radio Broadcast Share This With Friends


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