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Horizon Radio 1984/5 Walk In My Shoes

Horizon Radio 1984/5  Walk In My Shoes. Looking back into 1984 and then into 1985

Thursday October 11th 1984

Lets start this section off with a reminder of what happened on Thursday the 11th of October 1984. The RID and DTI had raided the Horizon Studio at 14.47pm that day. They had spent all week looking for the JFM studio to no avail, having drafted in the biggest team of RID people from all over the country, they needed some results. They hit Horizon Radio, but was there ever a search warrant in place? The DJ in that studio that day practicing his art, was totally incompetent. Instead of doing what he should have, he was on the phone wasting time. There was even a CCTV system there, so he had more than enough time to do as he had been taught.Billy Ocean Caribbean Queen Launched By Horizon Radio No 1 Sept-Oct 1984

I arrive about 15.30pm after racing up the the transmitter site to see if I could rescue any equipment. The place was overrun with RID, so I went back to the production studio. On arrival Eric Gotts RID was 4 steps up on the staircase, saw me and came out with one of his nasty comments, I was not happy and challenged him. Police and a guy in a suit, DTI stepped out from the alcove and told Eric that was not called for and to go back upstairs and get on with his job. The Police woman warned the DTI guy any more of that and she would have them out of there. I had a chat with the DTI Guy and police and picked up some useful info on the situation. I also knew that they did not have a transmitter, so that equipment would have to be returned. A £20.000 studio 1984 prices was removed that day and how the hell they managed to keep it as they had to admit later they did not have a transmitter, I will never know.

I then go and sit in JK’s flat lower ground, 10 minutes later in walks that incompetent DJ and starts going on about being arrested and having his £75.00 bag of records confiscated. He then goes into one about I had to pay for his records and his fine, Really loves money that one. He like all others knew the risks. He was shouting at me so I gave it him back and told him to F—– and grow up as he was peeing me off. I get up off the sofa and he knew I meant business, so he legged it out of the room and out of the house. With a Bag In Hand, did he loose those records? who knows.

The RID/DTI remove all equipment and then leave the complex about 5.45pm. I ran a check to see what was left as equipment was also in other rooms. It was all there, OB Unit, Spares, transistors, frequency counter and more, all in the back room upstairs and old studio downstairs. Dj’s and backroom staff started to turn up to see what had happened, we were all sat in JK’s flat. DJ Careless returns and starts telling the story about fighting with Eric Gotts to keep his records and how he was arrested, but was he, as he was still on the site when I arrived and only left the building when the conversation got very heated between us. He told that story of the records so many times it was untrue. Buick walks in and goes into one about he could get the station back on as he was a transmitter builder and his mate Howe was the best transmitter builder in London. Buick was never involved with Horizon Radio Engineering, why would I need a transmitter builder as I had built all Horizons Radio transmitters since 1982 and never wanted Howe anywhere near Horizon and Buick knew that.

I sat there for 3 hours listening and came to the conclusion. it was all a big joke with some, Only one person said he was sorry to see Horizon loose that £20.000 studio. All the rest could do was laugh about it. Based on what I saw from those there and what I had heard that day from the DTI, I said to myself, It’s Over. No way was I going to work all hours that god sends for a bunch of selfish brats who only cared about their ego trips and money from their gigs. Tony Scales came over and asked if I was going to put the station back on and for the first time in 3 hours I spoke and said NO. Scales replies F— You we will. I could have put the station back on in under 24hrs as I had all the equipment to do so, but no after what I saw that night. We all left soon after that and all that equipment upstairs in the front room and down stairs in the old studio was still there. The whole of London knew what had happened, but 1 person, was noticeably absent, He did not even phone. Always missing when the proverbial hits the fan.

I go home and went to bed at 10pm, that was a first in years and I slept right through until 8am next morning when the phone starts ringing.

Friday October 12th 1984

The press are onto it and want my comments, but I never spoke to the press or allowed others to speak to them, so they got no where. DJ’s called to ask if it was true what they had heard that Horizon Radio would not come back and I confirmed it. The phone just did not stop ringing that morning, I burnt the toast 3 times before I could eat anything and I had not eaten for over 24hrs. At 11.22am Tony Monson calls (Recorded) and asks the same question as the other DJ’s. I tell him no, the station is not going back on and why. I did not mince my words either. Tony then asks if I minded him and others doing something, I said that was fine with me, they could do as they saw fit, but not to use the Horizon Radio name (because it would have come back on myself) and not to ask for help. That was it conversation over and so was Horizon Radio.

Now lets fast forward to 2017 and I have emailed Tony Monson about the Lies told on the Solar Radio Pirate Special of the 23rd of October 2017. In one of the many Tony Monson email replies he sent this back please read below.

11 DJ's Revolt Story that Tony Monson Confirms to be untrue in an email sent 10/03/2018


Tony Monson did not telephone the night before as he was conveniently missing, but he called at 11.22am on Friday the 12th of October 1984. You can see what Tony wrote, I said no to putting Horizon Radio back on and he could do as he saw fit (My words from that recording). Tony I presume phones around the DJ’s and organises a meeting for that evening. I had a great day that day, no stress, no worries, no fears. I just put my feet up and took it easy, it was heaven and I knew I had made the right decision.

Then the trouble starts. At around 18.30pm the flat front door is knocked, I answer it and stood there is one of my best friends (I Thought), Tony Scales who straightaway came out with “Chris I am not coming in, I am here to tell you that if you put Horizon back on 102.5 I will kill you“. The next door neighbours were in their kitchen right by my front door preparing their evening meal with windows wide open. David and he wife heard every word Scales said. David a large gentleman? went to his front door and opened it, just encase things got out of hand and at the same time dialed 999. Scales repeated what he said gobbed off a bit, then walks off along the balcony. At the top of the stairs right outside Davids front door, he turns and says that comment again. By this time the police operator was on the line and what Scales said was picked up by the 999 recording. David’s telephone was situated by his front door. Scales then leaves via the staircase. Police arrive a few minutes later, knocked on my door to see if I was OK. The last thing I wanted was publicity as if the press got hold of it, all our work to get new radio licenses was out of the window. 3 police crews had arrived. Statements were taken from David and his wife and police sat with me for an hour or so as I was trying to defuse the situation. From day 1 of Horizon Radio, I avoided talking to the press and did not want this to blow up as the press would have a field day.

Tony ScalesI managed to calm it all down, I did not know about the statements being made next door, but David told the police that he had seen Scales visit the flat on many occasions and even what type of car he drove. Police called back twice that night to see if I was ok and next morning telephoned and asked me to go to the police station. I was interviewed and finally had to tell them what had gone on when they played me that 999 call and you could hear Scales say what he said. I played it all down and told them of my fears of the press. I said I did not know his last name or where he lived, which was untrue but it worked. Scales the previous night went to the meeting that launched Solar Radio and bragged about what he had done according to a person who was there. Those two police officers knew all about Horizon Radio and listened to the station. This case is a cold case these days as they have his voice recorded. I thought there were 2 statements, but no there are 4 independent statements, including the person who took that 999 call and another neighbour. Its only now when looking back and reliving those days you say to yourself, what nice friends you had. March 2022 a call to the police station to ask about those events and I get asked if I had found out where Scales is as they would still prosecute. I only told them his name was Tony. So maybe its time he got to see the inside of a nick.  An apology Tony might help you even after all these years. More from Tony Scales later when the lies flowed again on that 2017 Solar Radio Pirate Special.

Sunday October 13th 1984

I went back to the studio complex to talk to Junior King about giving up the flat the studio was in and to get the equipment that I had seen to be there after the RID had left on the 11th. Junior was not there and the equipment was also missing. I call Junior and left a message on his answerphone to tell him I would go back the next day Monday. Junior was there when I arrived and then the story unfolds. I call Tony Monson from Juniors and he comes up with “That’s the first he had heard of the missing equipment”. Junior was stood next to me when he heard what was said he shook his head. Mr Monson was told on the 12th that he could do as he saw fit so why all the trouble and lies. I was disgusted with his excuses and it would be another 25 years before I spoke to him again. That happened when he saw me at Heathrow airport in May 2009 and he ran after me. Even then I was not happy to see him, so he got the short sharp treatment. I simply did not want to be reminded of so called friends who I had worked my nuts off to get them household names who then went on to steal from me and bad mouth the station that did so much for them and lie like a troopers in the press and in websites you can see online today. After that short meeting I got on a plane and put thousands of miles between Mr Monson and the toxic trouble of the past. 2 years of living on a beach, working as a digital Nomad, soon made me forget about Horizon Radio. My then girlfriend, later to become my wife (ER Head Nurse of a hospital for 16 years) knew nothing about Horizon Radio, but when she heard the name in 2017 she cried and moved out of the home due to the lies yet again from Mr Monson’s poor imitation of JFM and that is Solar Radio. Because of those lies this website was born. Was it the case my old so called friends back then thought I was dead maybe, but no I had moved on and knew more about the web and they will ever know?

Another Tony Monson Email

Tony Monson said he was really sorry for the events. He bloody well should be for the utter bull$hit on that Solar Radio Pirate special of the 23rd of October 2017, when he and others were on an ego trip and nearly caused a divorce. Again Solar interfere in my life with more outright lies and remember 33 years had passed. I am not one of his ancestors slaves, so I do not take any of Solar Radio’s crap or orders and by nearly loosing my wife because of the Solar Radio lies, he stirred it up again. Yes he apologised which I applaud him for doing so. What I do not forgive Solar for is the theft of that equipment over £2.5k (1984 prices) along with the 11 DJ’s revolt story, which they all know was a load of lies and from what I can see Mr M also promoted it. He being the leader of Solar Radio and his team bad mouthed the Horizon Radio’s name and myself, just to try and make Solar Radio look better than Horizon Radio. Solar Radio broadcast for just 10 short months and never achieved anywhere near what Horizon did, 2 events, one at Kisses that was not full and one at Cinders again not full with listeners. Solar Radio had a golden ticket start to broadcasting no other radio station had it handed to them on a plate as they used the much loved Horizon Radio frequency 102.5Vhf Fm where Horizon had taken it to the limit at this time with 5 aldayers, Soul Train, Soul on a Summers Day, First to do outside live broadcasts and the first to do 24/7 broadcasting.

Threats to kill from a solar member who even to this day might end up in the nick, does not seem to be a problem and Mr Monson even moans about that being on this website. Taking away the more specialist element? I wonder what he means as Solar Radio DJ’s are known for fitting in their favourite presenters Rock track under the disguise of blue eyed soul or leftfield. Not to go near the web? This website/operators terms and conditions, read them before communicating.  As for title<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<? coming later!

Tony monson email 08-03-2018


How do I know Tony Monson had not been straight with me over that stolen studio equipment, simply from what JK told me that afternoon, but you can also listen to this telephone conversation with DJ Careless a few hours later.

Telephone recording contains colourful language


Perhaps Mr Monson was on his mobile briefing his mates in the press at the time and did not hear what was going on in that meeting. Oh wait a minute mobile phones were not invented in 1984, so that excuse is out the window. It’s never to late to pay what you owe, but you would have to wait until never never day to get a payment looking at history?

Moving On

The National Broadcasting School 1985October 84 putting all that crap behind me, I was out partying if not working as a DJ, life was so so good. Solar Radio comes on air, I did not listen as the answerphone told the story. First it was welcome back, Then why have you changed your name, Then get this $hit off Horizon’s channel and a lot more. We also heard the Buick 11 DJ’s revolt organic lies.

I still had a few good friends like Junior and Nick along with a guy who I really admired ET. ET was off to Devon to meet up with old friends from a radio IBA broadcasting course he had attended. ET asked me if I would like to go with him. That sounded a great idea, so I drove us down there via the old A303, naff road in those days as it took forever. We get to Exeter meet up with his friends and decide to go out clubbing. The club was Boxes. I had broken up with my long term girlfriend Ann back in September, thanks to Scales and Buick lies. I got talking to a lady in the club and took her home to Paighton (27 miles), no I did not stay the night, but Paighton and myself had history. I returned to the hotel where ET was with the rest of the crew still partying. On the way back to London ET suggests I sign up for the last National Broadcasting Course, I thought that was a good idea. I called them the next day, got the details and booked in, being very careful not to mention Horizon Radio. This was the last course as the NBS in Greek St W1 as closing down in April. The course started on around the 21st of Jan 1985 and ran until April 12th. I made one mistake I gave the Horizon Radio phone number 01 701 0031 as a contact number, but more about that later.

The lady I met at Boxes called me and we hit it off, by the way, her great great great grandfather originated the concept of a digital programmable computer? So I was spending a lot of time in Devon in November and December of 1984, away from the now Toxic pirate radio stations. Solar Radio gets hit at their studio which I did not know or want to know the location of, Brixton or in that newsletter Kennington  still not sure. Newsletter? (better known as a Tall Stories Mag) in my opinion after reading the typewriter diarrhea it contained. That Christmas I get blamed for grassing up the solar studio by Buick, Howe and Scales. I am not sure to this day, but they claim they got hit just before Christmas a number of times. Load of bull$hit as I later find out from the special investigators on the JFM case. Monson and Co knew what was going on in Westow Hill with the special investigators on the JFM case as we at Horizon got tip offs from the team, the last one August 84 when the CCTV went in. Yet the idiots at Solar Radio start to put a studio into 54 and the investigators are above the Gas Board showrooms at 52 Westow Hill. Smile Tony, Paul and co you are on video and they are taking photo’s too. Mr Buick, Mr Howe and Mr Monson do a runner as they think Eric Gotts of the RID was going to nick them.

Every time I hear this clip below I think of that conversation JK heard in April/May of 84 between Monson and Jackson ref Barry T, Nick Lawrence and the reggae Show “Highly Speaking Presenters“. Was that plum in gob talking one wonders? and the fact Mr Monson had lost face at JFM when being booted off daytime and put on the Midnight shift by Brian. I wonder if JFM had moved studio after Mr M left, lets hope one of the JFM DJ’s will tell us, when they learn the station was thrown under a bus? It could have been anyone of the JFM DJ’s who got nicked and a criminal record even Clive Richardson.

From Clive Richardson’s book it says the JFM studio was in St Aubyns Road. The original Horizon Radio transmitter site which Solar Radio used from October 1984 was on the Corner of Westow Hill and St Aubyns Road. Then there was a Red Astra that sped off along St Aubyns Road?

Telephone recording contains colourful language

I am not sure what Tony Monson’s ass looked like in those days as I did not look in that direction, but here is a guy you all know, its DJ Careless and this is what he had to say about that day he arrived on Westow Hill that day.


Mr Monson running around Westow Hill CP, I would have loved to have seen that, but alas I was in Paighton Devon from the 18th where I spent Christmas, right up to the 31st of December when I had a NYE gig, so came back to London to pick up my records. I put a new tape in the answerphone as I did not listen to what was on the old tape as I had no time.  I went off and did the NYE gig and drove through the night to be with my mother who I had not seen for ages for the New Year. Happy Days, but not for long.

I arrive back at 28 Comber House after spending New Year with my Mother and start listening to the answerphone tapes. I hear the $hit and threats from the Solar Radio DJ’s (ref Xmas busts blamed on me again) and was not amused. Tape 1 was more interesting as there were messages dated the 27th & 28th of December 1984 warning me to be careful over the next couple of weeks or so from my old contacts. The investigators did not know that Horizon Radio had finished broadcasting and thought Horizon Radio had changed its name to Solar Radio after the bust in October as still on the same frequency. They had not been forewarned of the bust on the 11th of October and we had not spoken since August. Like myself they thought the bust on the 11th of October 84 was a last minute reaction from Eric Gotts to save the day and the massive expense that week cost. As I said, I never saw a search warrant that day and I did ask.

I called my contact back on the 4th of January 1985 for an update and that is when I found out about the problems during Christmas. They had caught Solar Radio personnel running around Westow Hill like blue ass flies. At the time they thought it was JFM making a new studio, so videoed and photoed every movement. Solar finally wake up to the fact they are being filmed and do a runner as they thought it was Eric Gotts of the RID.

Roger Howe (Solar Engineer) finally realizes its not the RID but those special investigators and telephones them (Solar Radio had the contact number from the Horizon days). First thing Howe does is try to blame Chris Stewart for grassing up the Solar Studio as you can hear in this clip and then he blames those investigators for nicking the transmitter (confidentially I was informed what happened). Howe and Buick had told Mr Monson & co Chris Stewart stole it. Billy Liars comes to mind.


This is an extract of a 43 minute telephone conversation with the investigators on the 4th of January 1985. Horizon Radio and myself had been off air since October 1984 and well away from the toxic radio scene it had become. Roger Howe was at first trying to blame Chris Stewart for the studio raid in Brixton/Kennington and the total cock up of that studio Solar Radio was installing at 54. Howe gave a description of a particular building <<<< and the investigator wants to know how he (Howe) is sure it is the JFM studio? But Howe also said in that conversation “He Wanted To Get Brian Anthony back”? The investigators had helped Horizon in the past, never did we grass up anybody as this is Jan 1985 and we last spoke to them in August 1984. JFM was still on the air and the investigators like us did not know the location of the JFM studio after 100’s of hours of their investigation and use of the latest tracking equipment. The investigator later said that a guy called Paul was prompting Howe during the conversation as Howe referred a number of times “What do you think Paul“. Paul Buick was Howe’s best mate in those days.

The Investigators checked out the info given by Howe, then past it to Eric Gotts of the RID on the first working day of 1985. The RID checked it out and JFM was hit during the second week of January 1985, due to the High Court Case on going, things had to be done the correct way.


DJ Careless was warned by myself of this on the 4th of January 85 and again on the 5th of January 85 as you have heard and told to tell the JFM DJ’s if only to safeguard them. He said he would talk to Mr Monson. Maybe I should not have passed on that info as it was passed to me in the strictest confidence, but sorry I could not sit back and see fellow DJ’s being nicked. No info was ever passed on to JFM by Solar Radio. There is no excuse, but a great way to get the best of the JFM DJ’s on your station and sort of save face for being booted ofj peek daytime hours by Brian Anthony who Mr M admitted he did not get on with. Did Solar Radio management throw JFM under a bus, No it was a bloody steam roller, in my opinion but you make up your own mind.

A meeting or was it a get together between Mr Monson, Buick, Howe, DJ Careless and Scales? where Howe and Buick blamed Chris Stewart for grassing up the Solar Studio and raids.>>>> They agreed not to say anything (Buick and Howe knew it was BULL$HIT).>>>>> It had not got out,>>>> so why in hell was my answerphone full of more threats from the likes of Barry T and other Solar Radio DJ’s.>>>> Monson Said Chris Stewart had not called him to see what was going on, as there was no reaction from Chris Stewart it must be true Chris had grassed them up. I am not sure what Monson has for brains (Waste of Money in education  in Switzerland then, my opinion).


There was no reaction from Chris Stewart as he was in Devon, but even if Chris Stewart had been in London, there would not have been a reaction as Chris Stewart gave up speaking to Tony Monson in October 1984 after the theft of that equipment. History shows Chris Stewart was so peed off with Tony Monson and his lame excuses, it would be 25 years before Chris spoke to him again and that was by accident at Heathrow Airport one day and Mr M got the short sharp treatment then. Children, not an once of sense between them!


Email about Brian<<<<

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