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 Horizon Radio 2017-2022 & The Pinocchio‘s Are Still At It?

October 2017

Here we are in 2017, taking life easy and more importantly really enjoying it, then suddenly an email arrives from Paul Randel who asks if I have heard the Solar Radio Pirate Radio Special broadcast on the 23rd of October 2017. The plain and simple answer was no, I did not know Solar Radio was still broadcasting. Paul sends a link as it was up on a few websites. I ask the wife if she would like to listen and tell her for the first time about Horizon Radio, my old station from the 1980’s. Yes lets have a listen to this she says. I did warn her only to believe 10% of what you hear as by then I had seen some of the rubbish some of these guys had written on websites about myself and the station that had given them the biggest breaks in their careers. Come on they are only kids on ego trips and that’s what kids do to make themselves look important with the less educated that follow them and believe the crap they spout. So I down load a copy and after dinner we sit and listen to it.

If you have not already read the page the details are here. I do not want to write the details again as the first part, that now has been removed, nearly caused a divorce. Just thinking about what happened that night and those tears in my wife’s eyes because of the those lies DJ Careless told to make himself look good, really makes me angry. You can see below what Tony Monson said after he was contacted and what he did to appoligise. I still have an original copy of that program, so when I have time to find it as on one of the old computers, I will put it up here. So if you have 3 hours to waste, you can hear for yourself what was said and nearly caused a divorce.

First the email

Pirate Radio Special email apologies from Tony Monson and Solar radio


Tony Monson confirming edits to pirate radio broadcast 23/10/2017

Now the apology that was  broadcast on the 30th of October 2017


Full credit to Tony Monson for doing this, but by then my wife had spoken to her father and because of the culture and their superstitions had left our home. It would be 3 months and 9 days before she returned again. All because of one DJ who lied to make himself look important at my expense. He later refused to apoligise  and said he had not said anything, yet Tony Monson as you can see wrote and said what he said and had sent that DJ a replacement edited copy of the show for his mix-cloud. DJ Careless also said he thought it was  just a trivial matter and then went on to try & take the pee in more emails which you can also read on this website.

The whole program was an ego trip full of miss information and outright lies, here is DJ Careless, Knock Knock Eric’s About.

DJ Careless again from the Pirate Radio Special 23/10/2017


Now the truth of this event. I was with the Horizon team on tower block duty, (Stockwell That Night) looking out for Eric. There never was a direct communication system between the block and the studio, as the transceivers we used to communicate on would interfere with the broadcast desk. Ann took all telephone requests in the flat at Comber, then past the requests to the studio via a mains intercom. Ann also had a transceiver to talk to us on the block. That night we had so many complaints about DJ Careless talking all over the records as he always does because he has no respect for the artists that make the music or the listeners. Ann told him twice to shut up and play the music to no avail. The complaints kept coming via the phone. Kaya a listener phoned many times that night. Ann radioed me and I said tell him to cut his chat to a minimum as Eric was about. That is what she told him. As for the Knock Knock on the studio wall, he must have heard that in those empty brain cells of his. Some people will say anything to try and make themselves look important, but never ever get their ass to a tower block to help out.

Tony Scales recalls how he joined Horizon Radio on the Pirate Radio Special


Tony Scales was what you would call a groupie, yes we did ask for reception reports, but no way would you phone up someone you had never met and ask them to come to the studio, as for all we knew it could be one of the RID (Gotts mob).  He asked to visit many times. The first few times he visited Comber, he was not allowed near the studio. Scales helped out from late 83 early 84 and was great to have around on the roof as he was a roofer, not recommended as a friend though. Tony Monson never broadcast from that studio in the roof.

Scales again, but on the run this time Pirate Radio Special


I must have had a night off that night and missed that. But wait a minute every Horizon Radio transmitter that ever broadcast from 1982 was installed by myself. We also had Caretaker uniforms and many of the residents of the blocks knew us. That story never happened, ego’s for you.

Scales Telephones the studio


First I have heard of this, if it happened perhaps Mr Scales should have told DJ Careless to shut it and play the music as then we would not have had so many complaints. Mr Scales working on A Sunday evening on a roof in Hertfordshire I doubt it.

Mr Scales finds the Loophole In The Broadcast act?


Unbelievable Scales finds the loophole. No he did not, but he did drive us up to see the solicitor in East Dulwich that day when the solicitor told us his thoughts on the loophole. Scales had a 4 seater car (Golf) and I had a TR, 2 seater, 3 people went to see that solicitor. As for Froze, perhaps its his memory that froze. You can read the full story here. Tony Scales try’s to give the impression he is one of Horizon Radio’s main men. In truth he was just a helper, a great help in putting up antenna masts but at no time did he make any decisions. He was there that night Eric called us and at the transmitter site later. The policeman winks???? No again, but they still want to talk to him about a certain event that took place at around 18.30pm on the 12th of October 1984. If he has any sense he will man up grow a pair and appoligise via this website and make all this go away?

DJ Careless (19) on Studio Location


DJ Careless was not a member of Horizon Radio when the studio was at Westow Hill Crystal Palace 1985. He was a member of the station when the Horizon Radio studio was in the roof at Comber House 1982-1983 Paul Hardcastle was a frequent visitor to the flat at 28 Comber House, Comber Grove, London SE5 OLJ from 1982 onward. Perhaps it was First Light and not First Love?. One really should engage the brain and then open mouth.

Tony Monson Could not Remember Horizon Radio’s Name, This is how some DJ’s do it???


Tony Monson on why the DJ’s could not play the big records of the day. DJ Careless wants all of the big records to play himself. I did not know this and it was the first I heard of this when this clip came out. Lets just say he never pulled this one on me, maybe because I owned Horizon Radio and had given DJ Careless the biggest break of his life, so he dare not say anything like this to me. At Oasis Dalston his regular Sunday night spot, where he claimed he was paid £500 a night, I will give you one guess who blew him off stage in 3 records, he pooed himself. That’s what DJ’s were like back then and today. CJ careless Probably learned that from Steve Walsh, that’s how you do it Dj’s, screw all your other DJ mates around you and just play the top records in your set. This event was not an Horizon Radio aldayer.

Paul Buick on Horizon Radio, who the hell is Chris Stewart? I did the engineering and DJ’ed Stewart’s so called show.


Silly Me, I always thought I did the lunchtime show from May 84 and all of the engineering including fixing the problem with the Gas Board, before any Billy Liars joined. Monson on not getting paid, Horizon was the first station to stop charging DJ’s to do shows. Solar Radio in 2020/1 were still charging DJ’s to do shows and maybe even today the Fee £125.00 to some. This is why you hear all about the next gig the DJ is gong to do every time they open the mic.

Where are Brian Anthony & Chris Stewart?


I can’t speak for Brian Anthony (R.I.E.P.), But I expect the answer he would give would be very similar to mine. I was sick and tired of the Lies, deceit and trouble that people within Solar Radio were causing back in the 80’s. I last spoke to Mr M on the 14/15th of October 1984, when I was fed a load of crap as per usual reference the theft of the equipment from 258 Bellenden Road Peckham.

In my opinion and those special investigators at the time, Solar Radio turned the whole radio scene TOXIC in 1984/85 and I no longer wanted to be associated with such a motley crew. If it was not for the lies on the Solar Radio Pirate Radio Special of the 23/10/2017, I would never have communicated with Solar Radio ever again. This website would never have been written and I would not have gone through 3 months of hell in my marriage because  of the lies broadcast that day.

It is also my opinion that if Tony Monson had not issued those forged Jicrar documents and gobbed off to the press at every opportunity slagging everyone else off and had acted in the same way Brian Anthony and myself did (Responsible) by keeping control of the idiots that surrounded him, we may have got those radio licenses in 1986. Horizon Radio did have connections in the right places and we know what we were told. Radio Gangland was mentioned many times by those people. Thousands of listeners wrote letters of support, many people like Lepke DBC, Brian JFM, Tony Invicata, The Jackie Crew, Alice’s Restaurant and myself plus others risked our necks to get radio moving. Mr M never got his backside up a tower block yet he wanted control of everthing. He jumped ship on Invicta instead of putting his hands in his deep pockets and getting up those tower blocks. He stirred it up on JFM, so Brian booted him off daytime and put him on at midnight to keep him away from the other DJ’s. He then got Andy Jackson to get him on Horizon and it was AJ who made the decision as I said “if you think he is useful do it”. Then we saw problems start behind the scenes. Get rid of the Reggae show the first problem. The Reggae show stayed as history proves. To me it very much appears that Mr M does not like Reggae, Steve Bernard was very quickly off Solar and back on Horizon when the station came back in Jan 1985.

Mr M was on the Kiss application Gorden Mac later submitted and was successful with, but was “pushed out” so he claims. Was it Gorden saw what Brian and I had seen?

After the grass up of the JFM studio in Jan 1985 the decision was made to put Horizon Radio back on. This was simply done to show Solar Radio how to do it and Horizon with a great new team of professional DJ’s did just that. Just look at the close down figures of the 15th of September 85 (Horizon) against what happened on the 29th of September 1985 Solar’s his up in a brewery. Horizon even ran an 8 hour outside broadcast link so those who did not get into the venue (Harrow Leisure center) could join in. Solar did a land cruiser broadcast as they called it from one of the highest points in London (so easy to link), Alexandra Palace and could not even get that right as most of the time it was just interference broadcast.

Solar Radio Did More Than Anyone Else

Tony Monson On Pirates and doing more than anyone else to get those licenses

Solar set out to be a professional Pirate station? My opinion by events that followed they achieved it. All the other stations prior to the 12 of October 1984 were Pioneering professional radio stations. They all had respect for each other and never any trouble. When solar returned on 93Vhf the same problem again, fighting with other stations and bad mouthing to the newspapers again. Just Cry Babies who got upset because they could not get their own way. The investigators even warned Buick in a telephone call of the problems Solar were causing and hinted that the Special Branch were looking at the subversive elements. “Regarded as Questionable Organisations”. One should have looked in the mirror maybe? Come on issuing those forged Jicrar Documents is not Questionable?

Many of those DJ’s on Solar were ex Horizon and never acted like idiots back then, they just got on with doing the job, because there was a management structure who made sure they stuck to the straight and narrow. On Solar it was do as you like, not one manager insight. When the biggest trouble maker of them all joined, that is when the problems got out of hand and Mr M knew Eric Gotts (RID) really did not like Howe. Threats to Kill and Theft both being investigate by police also not a problem then? Someone was desperate to get on air as he suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Headphone & Mic Disorder and took his eye off the ball as it was mayhem and bloody madness from the 12/10/84. Tony Monson even knew the 11 Dj’s revolt story was a load of lies but promoted it to others. How the hell can you revolt and  leave a position 27 hours after it was closed down by the government of this country. Something wrong with brain cells somewhere.

The Truth Prevailed In The End

Horizon Radio 2017-2022 Mr Monson about Buick and Carlos


Mr Monson email very grateful for being on Horizon Radio

I love that line No One Can Take It Away From You<<<<>>>>>From day one of Solar that is what certain members of the management team did try and do, much of it from Howe and Buick. Howe was never allowed near Horizon Radio. Buick told him what I said as they were best friends. I will admit I said a lot as I could not stand the little $hit, but I was not alone in thinking like that. Howe ripped off JFM and admitted to my face what he used to do when he tried to join Horizon in March 84. He later grassed up the JFM Studio. It was Howe and Buick who told Solar I had grassed up the Solar studio and stole their transmitter at Christmas 1984 and both continued to stir the $hit every which way they could. When Horizon returned in 1985 Buick came to tell us tales of what LWR were saying about us, then would do the same to LWR saying Horizon had said this that and the other and had never spoken about LWR, even telling LWR we had grassed up their studio. The sad thing is people believed Howe and Buick, who in my opinion where the biggest gob$hite’s in unlicensed radio.


After this website first appeared, Mr Roger Brooks of Chocolate Radio contacts me and asks if I would like to do a show on his station. At the time I had not touched a record/CD in close on 10 years or been near a radio studio for over 3 decades. To me it was a non starter. I told my wife about Rogers email. She said she would love to hear me on radio and please do it if only to show those in the past you are alive and well. and better than they are as you do not lie like they do. With the components of a studio idle in storage, I put a studio together and did a show live. That is when I found out the music I loved so much had been missing in my life.

After a few weeks, in comes the emails from from the keyboard warriors.

  • Why the F are you back for we don’t need you ETC
  • You Ba-t–d you grassed up Solar Radio ETC
  • Your a Wan–er and always were, We have Solar Radio and don’t need idiots like you.

Just a hint here, if you go on certain radio websites like Solar radio every day from 6am and leave comments and posts, make sure you can spell certain words. Your grasp of the English language appears to be limited with what you post or paste from the show or day before. I suggest you get a job where you will learn more phrases and words of the English language and not be a sponge on the UK Social Security System?

I could go on but why waste webspace? Almost every email had those words Solar Radio in them,

I did go on just to show those spoiled little ill informed keyboard warriors on social security, who do not realise that some people know the web well and can obtain certain addresses very easily. 4 years on and I was still getting a few comments during each show via my own website www.soulfuletiquette.com. which has a live free chat service on it. Why one wonders? There are no laws that make you visit the website or listen to the shows on there you know. But you do and that is why https://soulfuletiquette.com/ is the number 1 website in the world for the key words it uses, don’t take my word for it, just ask Google and others.

Why one wonders have I had to put up this kind of rubbish below and much more over the years from pathological liars who were simple out to make a name for themselves at any coast. When I said no to putting Horizon Radio back on in October 1984, all the old members of Horizon had to do was put a studio together very cheap and only 2 hours work and put the antenna back up about another 2 hours work. All the rest had been done for them. I had got the frequency of 102.5 VHF sorted with the Gas Board and the transmitter site at 70 Westow Hill established. School children could have done it,

So much Solar radio garbage came out over the years but not one mention of the equipment Solar Radio stole or the car being vandalised or Dodgy forgeries. After all, I did it before many today got out of their nappy’s. Horizon Radio, JFM & Radio Invicta set the standards and pioneered Soul Music Radio, what came after was children playing to fill their own ego’s and pockets. Many today do not love the music, but they use and abuse it. There are very few people around today who can say they risked their necks to get the music out and that is a fact. DJ’s how hard is it to put a record on a turntable, most would not know as it’s all on auto computer these days with Serato, VirtualDJ and the likes of the kids use today. But I expect that does give them time to play on facebook with GIFs and write the same old comment show after show.

Pirate Radio Arcade miss information on Horizon Radio


What I have suffered from is Solar Radio doing what Solar Radio does best and that is spin the bull$hit and fools believe them. lets hope they can now wake up as back in the 80’s I did not react to their stupid lying comments. Today is a very different story.

The Car, yes it really did upset a few, it was a second hand 924 Porsche, the baby of the range and a few months later it was smashed up £4000 worth of damage. Jealous little brats with no intelligence between them, so go and beat up a defenseless car that an insurance company paid to put right, which means you paying insurance in 1986 paid for it to be repaired.

Lets hope the Pirate Archive operators can read and will now tell it has it happened not the bull$hit fed to them by people who could not lie straight in bed.

DJ Careless On Finance January 6th 1985


£7k in two weeks, much better than Horizon Did then. You know where the money goes? on equipment and people running around! Horizon Radio did not have to buy any equipment did it (Best studio of them all in 1984/5, not cheap disco gear?) as Father Christmas must have given it to us while he was running around building transmitters, antenna’s and paying the rent. How thick are some people??? The old bill turn up, were they by any chance looking for Tony Scales?

Solar Radio’s current declared Balance Sheet

From the radionecks.co.uk website in 2016 posted by Albert the Headcase

Horizon Radio 2017-2022 More lies from the radionecks.co.uk website in 2016


One of many posted by dear old albert h, you know the one who did not have a father but craws out from under a rock now and again. Chris Stewart has never been to Portugal even to this day 2022. We know Mr Paul Buick did and set up Solar Radio there, then had another go with a station called Kiss after Solar had failed?  Walworth Road in 2000? No Walworth Road in Jersey Channel islands where Chris Stewart had been living for 6 years at this time. The radionecks website is owned by MB who these days is located in New Zealand and did transfer the domain to the New Zealand Telecom servers. Then NZT got an email and MB had to move the domain back to where he purchased from 123.reg.co.uk, Does MB’s wife post on DJ careless’s facebook pages one wonders???

This is what you are dealing with, stupid kids full of envy who spent their life living in never neverland. One wonders if their mothers still put them to bed at night and change their nappy’s 5 times a day with the verbal diarrhea they come out with. Chris Stewart left radio in 1987 as so sick and tired of the liars and thieves who had taken the unlicensed radio system over.

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